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About Us
Andy Who?


Nottingham's ONLY 100% student nightclub.
The Big O as it is affectionately known is only open to the students of Nottingham's two Universities and has been affiliated with both for as long as we can remember....

It is only open in term time....
It only has two nights....


For the Trent Army.
NTSU's official Sports & Societies Night.

Tickets are sold exclusively through NTSU.
Online or from your Social Sec.
Or direct from Andy on this website.

UoN's longest running weekly night....

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year!
If it's's Ocean.
Tickets are sold exclusively through this website.


Our reputation often precedes us....
So come and see what all the fuss is about.



4 words...
King of the Ocean.

Or '@andythehoe' to his Instagram friends.
To cut a long story short he basically started Ocean Friday's 20 years ago....

As a DJ/Promoter.

And took over the club in 2008.
Some say if you cut him open VK runs through his veins.

Andy since emigrated to Vancouver Island, Canada with his wife and two kids.
But his love for the Big O is so strong he commutes....
Yes you read that correctly.


Every few weeks he flies back from Canada

to the Big O for a quick visit.

2 flights and a drive...
Averaging 18+ hours each way.


To spend a few hours playing a questionable selection of pop music to drunk students.
And also appear in the odd Instagram story.

Have a look on his Instagram.

Give him a follow....all his important Ocean information gets posted on there.
(Along with random photos of life in general, wife, kids and sometimes dinner.) 




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